Beattyville KY Ministry

Our Trailer Ministry to Middle KY

We are thankful for God’s generosity, so we try to respond to God’s Goodness by sharing generously with others!

We are currently gathering donations (toys or money) to help children & families for Christmas in Beattyville, KY. You can give here or drop off donations to the church.

We’re always accepting gently-used household items, clothing, etc. in our trailer. When the trailer is full, we take it down to a community in need. Currently we partner with Middle Kentucky Community Action in Beattyville, KY.

We take the trailer down whenever it is full. We also make additional trips with school supplies and Christmas gifts during the year.

Thank you for your generosity! You can put your items in the trailer 24/7. It is located straight back from the main parking lot, behind the church, atop the hill.