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Since 1861, the people of St. John have joined together to celebrate God’s presence in our lives: in our joys, our sorrows, our healing, our caring for others, and in sharing the Good News of God’s love for each person through Christ Jesus.

In-person Worship - Sundays 10:00. We will continue ot practice all CDC recommendations: mask wearing and social distancing.

All services will also be streamed LIVE or recorded to Facebook and YouTube.

A Pastoral Response to the violence at the Capitol.

Like many, I too found the pictures and first-hand accounts of what happened as the Capitol was invaded, vandalized, people were sitting in the chamber and offices, to be almost unbelievable and overwhelming. I have found a glimmer of hope in our government leaders reaching “across the aisle,” to come together in condemning such violence and disorder. Yet while the pleas of “this isn’t us,” are uplifting, they overlook the state of our country, and how the divide over the past 4-years (or more) has widened, and the hurt deepened. So where do we go from here? Recent events are symptoms of a deeper illness in our country As followers of Jesus, how should we respond?

Consequences are necessary, and vengeance is tempting; yet Jesus confronts his own problems, and the world’s problems differently.

Jesus healed the soldier’s ear, when Peter chose to stand up in self-preservation to protect his rabbi. With all the emotions of the night, Peter cuts off the soldier’s ear. Jesus responds differently. He heals the man intent on incarcerating him then Jesus reminds Peter that if he lives by “the sword,” it will be his undoing (death.).

The truth is, some of us aren’t willing to “forgive and forget,” recent events or overlook comments or posts by “the other side.” Some are hurt by the feeling that their democracy is being stolen from them. Clearly, plenty of hurt to go around. And like a wounded animal, the temptation is to lash out in anger.

Yet, if we are led by that anger, it will be our undoing; as children of God, and a community of Christ. One of the first steps of moving forward is in unity. But unity is not uniformity. How can we be together yet be different, and hold different views? My hope is, with God’s help, we can continue to see each other, our humanity, our belovedness from God. Then we can see the other person, not as the opponent, but someone worthy of experiencing healing.

But most of us probably aren’t anywhere near that place of selfless service yet, so in the meantime, we look to Jesus, who gives us a different kind of peace. “Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Believe in me.”

Jesus' peace be with you,

Rev. D. Adam Forbes

During this time of increased need, our Food Pantry will remain open.

We continue to make adjustments and have taken precautions to keep our volunteers and guests safe and healthy; including drive-thru style to pick-up your food. All Campbell County residents are welcome. At this time, no documentation is needed. Hours are the 2nd & 4th Mondays of each month, 1-3p.

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